Cupcakes and Cookies

Cupcakes, Cookies and even traybakes are a fantastic way of providing great treats for smaller parties, keeping costs down or even as wedding favors. Our 6 inch cakes serve around 10 people, so if you want a treat for someone special but dont want to spend all week eating cake then we can provide cupcakes or cookies as an alternative! The minimum order for cupcakes and cookies does vary depending on other orders and the season.



Sarah Leigh Cakes

some Alice in wonderland themed cookies for a party!

Cookies or cupcakes can be ordered to compliment or replace your party, celebration, or wedding cake. If your not intending on having a huge wedding or party, then theres no need to splash out on a 3 tier cake!! Why not order a pre-packaged decorative cookie or cupcake for everyone instead?

Pre-packaged sweetie cups with a cupcake to make that party planning all the more easier!

Cupcake bouquets and cupcake/cookie boards are a great way of saying thank you! Here are a few examples...The cupcake bouquet was ordered as a teachers gift! The 'Thank You' apple is a cookie! One of the cupcake boards was for a birthday and the other for an Easter dinner!


Heres a range of mothers day gifts offered recently! A cupcake bouquet board, or a boxed extra large cupcake (2 servings). I was extra busy that weekend but i'm sure there were lots of really happy mums!

Tray bakes are a great way of adding cake portions or keeping budgets down but still providing a personalised cake! They are a cake base baked in a foil 'tray' container, topped with whatever you choose, but it is not sandwhiched together and covered in fondant icing like most of my designs. You can choose many different styles of tray bake, such as chocolate brownies, millionaire shortbread, rocky road or a tradditional sponge. They can also have a personalised eddible printed top added to them. 

A rice krispie treat tray bake for a little girl who doesnt like cake!

The sprinkles on top were chosen to compliment her unicorn craft party!

Below shows a more personalised design, ordered for a collegue who was leaving her current job! It was vanilla spounge base, with strawberry jam and then topped with a vanilla buttercream!

Of course we can provide boxed cookies and cupcakes for your celebration, such as birthdays, mothers/fathers day, end of term 'thank you teacher' gifts or even an office end of the week treat! Please view a few recent designs shown below!

We offer boxes of pre-designed cupcakes for mothers and fathers day, but we are more than happy to use your designs too!

Starwars themed cupcakes for a company whose manager had a big birthday! Three boxes of these were collected!

Cupcakes and Cookies all in one with a cupcake burger and bun, and cookie fries!

Edible rice paper toppers personalise these chocolate and rum flavoured birthday cupcakes!

Some 'thank you teacher' cookies!

Did you know that you can also celebrate your 4 legged best friends birthday with them too? Think of all the times when your doggy pal has sat there looking mornfully at you whilst you eat a yummy cupcake....well now they can share the celebrations too with their very own dog friendly cupcakes or even a cake!

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