Cupcake Parties

Sarah Leigh Cakes

Our cupcake parties have become more and more popular every year! Suitable for adults and children of all abilities, the parties are created as a bespoke package to suit your individual requirements. Typicaly during the first half of the party the base of the toppers are made and flowers or models ore cut and shaped and left to dry. The party then breaks for some refreshments, during the second half of your event we complete our design(s) and place them ontop of our cupcakes/cookies/mini cakes.


Should you want cupcake design incoporated into your party but with other entertainment too, this is also possible. Many modern parties can take on an almost fair style with many different crafts happening. I can also make quick and easy designs which children (or adults) can complete if 5minuites before moving on to the next craft.


Packages can include a range of options such as...

  • single or multiple cupcakes to decorate
  • cupcakes, mini cakes or cookies
  • afternoon tea style buffet
  • optional large party cake
  • childrens or adults drinks
  • 'free from' options
  • flower making
  • model making
  • various levels of design
  • 1:1 lessons also available

Some recent craft style cupcakes made with a small party!

A few mini cake designs from last christmas!

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