Celebration Cakes

Sarah Leigh Cakes

All celebrations deserve cake, dont they?! We can provide you with a cake to suit your every need.....a classy tradditional christening cake, when your son graduates or a special birthday for that special someone in your life!

As always we try and provide excelent service for all our customers and to cater for all budgets. It's never too early to contact us and place your order as we can only take a certain amount of orders each week!


We help you celebrate special holidays with offers available for pre-designed cakes, cupcakes and cookies, these are advertised via social media in the run up to mothers/ fathers day, valentines day, Easter and Christmas.


At Sarah Leigh Cakes we can cater for those with specific dietry needs, such as Gluten free, Dairy free, Egg free, Nut free as well as Vegan. However, as we are a home run buisnesss we can not guarantee 100% there has been no cross contamination although all equipment is steralised before and after use and all sides are regualy cleaned. Any 'free from' items are baked and prepared seperately from all other orders.

We do everything we can to make your celebration cake perfect for you! Tradditionally one of the tiers of the wedding cake was saved for the christening of the first child! At Sarah Leigh Cakes we have on many occasions helped to keep this traddition going by re-covering and re-decorationg the fruit tier of a wedding cake for that special first christening!

A few recent designs of birthday cakes!

A few recent 'carved' birthday cakes...all these are 100% eddible, including the chainsaw blade!

6 layers of rainbow sponge made this skittle cake! Im almost certain they had cake left after the party!

How to get your '5 a day' whilst eating cake!

When you cant decide if having a teenager is good or bad!

This very special cake was ordered for barbara's 100th birthday through the parish council.

We often have offers on for mothers/fathers day cakes as well as valentines day cakes!

We can supply a first class stress free service, including delivery for your memorial events.

Tradditional and non-tradditional christmas cakes and treats are available each year....pre-ordering is strongly recommended!

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